Due Diligence – additional benefits

May, 2018

Due diligence is one of the most important steps to prepare for beginning your lease with option to purchase journey. It will help you figure out if this is truly the correct property for you. In fact, it is one of the final steps in your approval process and you will not be able to complete your contract without performing this research. VPM is here to help you, even if that means having to look at multiple available properties to find the right one.

Due diligence isn’t just about addressing fines and taxes that may be attached to the property. When taking on a fixer-upper you want to make sure you are working in compliance with your town or county. For some projects and repairs, particularly those affecting the outside appearance of your property or the main structure, permits and approval may be required to move forward with your work. Permits are important – if you complete work without the necessary approval you may be fined and also forced to dismantle the work you have already completed. Find out early what the city or neighborhood does and does not allow.

VPM’s Lease Option to Purchase program is about helping you create your dream home. An important factor to creating this is having a good working relationship with your municipality and the organizations that provide services to your home. Nobody wants to find out after the fact that extra fees are owed on the property they have begun to purchase. Work with your area to ensure that you are able to address any possible fines, violations, or issues.

Remember, if you have any questions about the information you find or how to find it, you can reach our friendly and helpful consultants easily. Your consultant will be happy to walk you through the steps and help you complete this task on your path to being a homeowner.

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