The importance of Due Diligence in the house buying process

May, 2018

At Vision Property Management we commit fully to the vision of turning renters into homeowners. In addition to offering our lease with option to purchase as an accessible avenue to ownership, we believe in educating our customers on how to be a successful homeowner. Due Diligence is an important tool in making sure that you are prepared to take on this responsibility.

One of the major differences between renting and owning is assuming the responsibility of property taxes and city compliance requirements. Before entering into our lease with option to purchase contract you want to find out if any outstanding taxes, liens or fines exist on the property so that you can plan ahead for those and avoid any issues with local ordinance. Even if no outstanding fines are found you will learn your city or county’s property regulations and what risks may be run by not complying with local law. This will help you to avoid fines in the future!

We know research can seem a little scary so we’ve created a guide to completing due diligence.

Check out the video to see for yourself – there is nothing scary about knowing exactly what’s going on with your future home!

Since we want to help our customers become homeowners we value education and transparency. Knowledge of any fines or violations helps you to know if this is truly the property for you – and allows you to avoid the pain of unexpected additional costs.

Due diligence is a simple and painless process that ultimately provides you with peace of mind that you have chosen the correct property. Our friendly consultants are happy to help guide you through the due diligence process. Should you have any questions, please reach out to your assigned consultant.

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