Understanding LOP

Jul, 2018

In today’s market renters are paying a premium without ever having the option to own the home they pour the years and funds into. Many people are in the position of believing that that they are unable to afford owning their own residence or would not be able to get approved for the necessary loan or mortgage that would make ownership possible. Instead they continue to funnel their hard-earned funds into somebody else’s pocket and answering to whims of a landlord. Whether a lifetime of renting is due to poor credit, low income or high debt renters need to know that there are other options available.

Vision Property Management is working to change the face of home-ownership and give the opportunity to everybody. Owning your home has many advantages over years of renting and we want to help our customers gain those advantages. Instead of leasing our properties as traditional rentals we offer them as Lease Option Purchase, or LOP. LOP gives renters the opportunity to transition to home-ownership without the traditional financial commitment. This unique program is designed for individuals and families that may not currently qualify for conventional property purchases due to any number of financial and personal reasons.

By purchasing through LOP you are able to get your foot in the door and become a homeowner, saving on your upfront costs and using that money to turn your new property into your dream home. At the end of a seven-year program you have the option to purchase the property at a price reduced by the amount that you have payed towards the principle.

Many customers who are currently going through our LOP program did not think owning a home was a current or even future possibility for them. This program is a way to empower renters when they are unable to get approved for a traditional mortgage or secure a loan. With our program you can build equity in your home while you improve the status of both the property and your own credit profile. Our program has allowed thousands of American families to realize that the dream of owning a home is achievable.

If you are ready to end the cycle of renting and make owning a home a reality, reach out to Vision Property Management today. We have an educated and excited staff ready to work with you on getting into your dream home and building real equity.

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