Are you tired of renting your house?

We have exclusively partnered with Cosmo Credit Repair so you can fix your credit to purchase your home in the next 6 months after you sign up. Not only will you be ready to purchase your home, but your monthly payments (interest rates) will be lowered drastically on everything else you buy like cars, credit cards, and loans.

Cosmo CR has helped more than 2700 clients get ready to purchase a home with some of the lowest interest rates, we believe they can help you too.

Sign up for a free credit repair consultation below to get ready to purchase your home! We’ll apply the VPM discount, please don’t tell anyone about this discount – it’s only for VPM clients

Free Credit Repair Consulation

Don’t wait! Start working with Cosmo Credit Repair today!

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Understanding LOP Process

Properties available through the traditional Lease Option Purchase program offered by Vision are typically sold in an as-is condition. Many of these homes are fixer-uppers, offering potential home owners the opportunity to truly create their dream home while working towards ownership.

Understanding LOP Pricing

If you have started on the path to owning your home through Vision Property Management’s Lease Option Purchase program you may have some questions on the application process and the lease contract.

Understanding LOP

In today’s market renters are paying a premium without ever having the option to own the home they pour the years and funds into.